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Topography | Architectural Survey

In general, these maps provide the lay of the land with a proper boundary for other professionals to begin the design process. There are a multitude of variances within the surveys to make them into planimetric, aerial, site plans, etc.

Boundary Survey | Location Map

On average, these surveys are being mixed up. They provided two completely different services. A Boundary Survey will place physical markers in the ground where you would have to make a string line between points to determine your boundary location. A Location Map will show you the area in question in regards to the lot lines with no physical markers set in the ground. These services can be combined.

Final Map

Overall, these maps are used to subdivide your land or convert apartments into condominiums. The maps will create a Tract or Parcel Map. In the planning process you will need a tentative or preliminary map, which we can provide. We do not process the application, but provide the maps needed for the application process.

Easements & Land Descriptions

There will be times that a project will need to create a new easement, may it be for utility purposes, ingress | egress or encroachments. We provide Land Descriptions and Exhibits needed for the creation of the easement. We do not process the easement. In addition, we can also review the existing easements on your property and locate them if possible.


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As-built Survey
Boundary Survey / Location Map
Construction Staking
Easements & Land Descriptions
Final Map
Lot Line Adjustment / Merger
Topographic / Architectural Survey